An interdisciplinary journey through my art work. 

Felicitas Butt is and interdisciplinary artist, who lives and works in Berlin. Her artwork addresses states of perpetual change whilst relying upon remaining constant and tries to find a visual dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. Butt is fascinated by the contradiction of permanence and change. By responding to her different and influencing surroundings she explores them in changing techniques, patterns and perspectives that also interact with the viewer.

2021 / Magic Cubes Series (20 x 20cm x 30 x 30cm) A collaboration with Linda Schwartz

‚Floating‘ Dec 2020 / Installation at Natur-Park Südgelände

‚Untitled‘ Sculpture Dec 2020 / Installation at Natur-Park Südgelände

In the three-dimensional spatial production FLOWERS the artist Felicitas Butt explores the field of tension between the organic and the artificial. She opens a visual dialogue that testifies to longing and the encounter between man and nature. Dried, pressed and partly artificially re-colored, flowers and plants in transparent acrylic glass even seem to float in space. The enclosed blossom splendor extends through the different levels and develops a new depth. In the delicate reflection of this abstract landscape, Butt explores the search for the original.

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