Themes as visual dialogues, observing our counterpart, expectations of individuals and the fascination by the contradiction of permanence and change stream through Felicitas Butt’s work, capturing processes and reflecting herself and her environment.

In her installations she tries to find a visual dialogue and interaction between viewer and the artwork. By using the traditional technique of etching and her invented method of combining it with modern Led lights, the viewer projects the artwork himself and witnesses a new wax of experiencing art. Mark-making and movement aim is to remove the sense of separation between artist, subject and audience.

Felicitas Butt’s artwork also consists paintings created in gloss, pigment, spray paint and acrylic on canvas or wood. It addresses states of perpetual change whilst relying upon remaining constant. The pieces translate a reflect landscape of the self, a continues change, evolving as the artist does, as she migrates and exists in new locations.

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